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Cellquest Liquid 16oz

Cellquest Liquid 16oz
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Cellquest Liquid 16oz

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Cellquest, a natural product derived from a plant commonly known as the banana or plantain herb (it is not a tree although it looks like one). Cellquest is extracted naturally from this herb and contains a wide variety of phytochemicals. The phytochemicals in this herb are very interesting, especially: the polysaccharides, polyphenols and phytoalexins. These chemicals are used to defend the plant, naturally of course.

The many compounds in the extract of the plantain sap may protect the gastrointestinal lining from physical trauma, like that caused by chemotherapy. Many users of Cellquest have reported such positive effects while undergoing radiation and chemo therapies. Some of these compounds, found in Cellquest have been scientifically studied in countries around the world for both medicinal and nutritional benefits. Several of the ingredients in Cellquest have been researched and seem to indicate positive support for the immune system and healthy cells division. Cellquest was tested in laboratory and animal studies to show inhibition of abnormal cell proliferation and an ability to cause programmed cell death in various tumor lines, yet Cellquest caused no adverse effect on the normal cells. Note that in vivo studies are great but these benefits have not been scientifically proven in humans, yet. But because of such interesting possiblities, Cellquest is well worth investigating yourself.

Research on musaceas plant phytochemicals, like those in Cellquest, indicate a potential for calming and normalizing gastrointestinal activity. Certain phytoalexins of the musa plant stem have been studied to show inhibitory activity on the growth of fungus and bacteria. Also, the juice of the stem of the musa plant (Cellquest contains these ingredients) may be effective in reducing the formation and prevention of kidney stones.

Cellquest is a good source of potassium, calcium and iron. It is high in manganese and beneficial for both bones and tissues.

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Historically, in tropical countries and in folk medicine, this plant and its parts are used for a wide variety of concerns.

CellQuest Dosage Recommendations

Based on CellQuest user experiences, the recommended dosages are as follows:

Full Use
For those with a very weakened immune system.

  • 16 - 24 ounces daily (which may be taken incrementally)
  • Take daily dosages for 30 days, then continue at maintenance dosage

For those recovering from a weakened immune system.

  • 8 ounces daily (which may be taken incrementally)

General Health
For general health maintenance and to assist the immune system.

  • 4 ounces daily (which may be taken incrementally)

When to take CellQuest
For maximum benefits, take half hour before or after meals.

Can I add CellQuest to Juice?
CellQuest may be added to pulp-free juices such as:

Grape juice
Apple juice
Cranberry juice

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Cellquest, un producto natural derivado de una planta conocida comúnmente como la hierba de banano o plátano (no es un árbol, aunque lo parezca). Cellquest natural se extrae de esta planta y contiene una gran variedad de fitoquímicos. Los fitoquímicos en esta hierba son muy interesantes, sobre todo: los polisacáridos, polifenoles y fitoalexinas. Estas sustancias químicas se utilizan para defender la planta, por supuesto, por supuesto.

La investigación sobre fitoquímicos de plantas musáceas, como los de Cellquest, indican un potencial para calmar y normalizar la actividad gastrointestinal. fitoalexinas Algunas de las plantas madre Musa han sido estudiadas para mostrar la actividad inhibitoria sobre el crecimiento de hongos y bacterias. Además, el jugo del tallo de la planta de musa (Cellquest contiene estos ingredientes) puede ser eficaz.

Como se trata de un líquido pesado y por lo tanto para el envío, no se sorprendió por la estimación del envío en línea, podemos ajustar esto, así que nos llama! También ordena que debe ser grande en cantidades de 12, 24, 36, ya que es mucho más fácil de transportar todo el caso. Llámenos para más información al (702) 529 a 1411. Tenemos el mejor precio en el Cellquest en Internet para COMPRAR AHORA.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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